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Our Story

About us

LoopLook is a digital platform, emerging from the A-GAIN GUIDE, that promotes a local, sustainable and individual fashion lifestyle and provides easy access to everyone. As experienced fashion designers, we have intensively dealt with questions regarding a more conscious fashion consumption prior to our founding. With our mobile application, we aim to revive and rediscover the textile craft and its services on site together with you as a community in the most creative way.

Our experiences in the fashion industry, with local actors in Berlin as well as with innovative recycling and circularity initiatives, have continuously raised our awareness of how much still needs to be done in terms of a sustainable development and the establishment of a circular textile value chain. Our close exchange resulted in the idea of LoopLook in 2020 - with a concept that applies leverages straight at the root of the circular economy. Since then, our commitment and joy has also been shared by our lovely UX/UI designer Lisa, who actively supports us in bringing LoopLook to life in a beautiful shape.

What we care about

It is very important to us to give everyone the opportunity to actively participate in the design of their clothing and in the transformation of the fashion industry - in order to do something good for the environment, for themselves as well as for others. The resulting appreciation creates lifelong enjoyment of individual garments. Through personal experience in the manufacturing process, new meanings and stories can be 'woven' into every fiber of a textile. Be it through the close involvement in the design process of a new garment or through the revival of an old beloved garment and with it, all its inherent stories.

What we want to achieve with your help

We would like to evoke a change in values in combination with a lot of joy for the process of creation. Now is the time for us to shape our future as a wholeall together with you. With LoopLook we put the change into your hands. With collective creativity we can achieve something beautiful together. Get to know your neighborhood and the passionate people behind the products! Write us, exchange ideas on LoopLook and become part of our community!

Your LoopLook Team

Stefanie, Alisa & Lisa