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Natural Plant Dyeing &
Workshops by still garments

The Craft of Plant Dyeing

STILL garments is the studio of Elke Fiebig, your one-stop shop for dyeing with plants. In her studio, online, or at a place of your choice, Elke offers workshops on plant dyeing. She creates hand-dyed accessories and also dyes a variety of textiles on commission: small collections for labels, home textiles, or even yarns for historical reconstructions.

Offers & Services

• individual and group workshops on dyeing with plants, bundle dye, printing & painting with plant dyes
• online workshops & dye kits for home use
• workshops also customized for special interests and materials
• hand dyed accessories like wool stockings, scrunchies and scarves
• seeds for dyeing plants
• plant dyeing of fabrics/clothes/yarns in small quantities

Elke's Motivation

»Being able to create something myself is very personal to me and at the same time radical – as what we create, mend, change by ourselves is close to us, precious, and we grasp it in a special way. My dream is that one part in our "toolbox", in addition to button-re-sewing, is also the craft of dyeing. With plants that grow on our doorstep, or with historical dye plants that have been cultivated for thousands of years. That's how I imagine sustainability in action.«


Studios ID
Genslerstr. 13
13055 Berlin