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Upcycling Designs by
Daniel Kroh

Daniel Kroh — Re-use-hard-work

Daniel Kroh, a trained men's tailor and fashion designer, has dedicated his company to upcycling since 2006. He sources his fabrics and materials from discarded work clothes, which he deconstructs, fillets and processes into high-quality fashion, interior design and accessories. Refining the worthless into the valuable – that is his ultimate credo.

100% handmade — 100% Berlin

His passion is first and foremost dedicated to the source material itself – its texture and history. After some basic cleaning and dissection into their individual parts, the fillet pieces are selected. Daniel Kroh lays out his cutting designs over the prepared material and looks for exciting traces of use. These are, for example, burned holes from the welder, paint stains from the painter or patched cracks from the roofer. These authentic traces of work are elegantly incorporated into the composition. This is how the actual design is created, making each of his pieces unique. From blue overalls to jackets – also available made to measure.


Osloer Straße 16
13359 Berlin